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Are you looking for fresh, new content for your company website? Do your print materials need to evolve with the rest of your business? If so, my freelance writing services are exactly what you need.

My 20+ years in K-12 classrooms have taught me how to synthesize information. In essence, I have a knack for simplifying the complex -- presenting information in ways that it can be received well.

The topics I have most experience with include:

  • Financial Investments (stocks, bonds, retirement plans, etc)
  • Credit (credit cards, credit scores, improving credit)
  • Insurance (life, auto, health)
  • Real Estate
  • Fashion
  • Home Improvement
  • Education
  • Technology (mostly product reviews)
  • Weight Loss and Diet
  • Energy and the Environment
  • News
  • Lifestyle

Why Monica?

Monica is...FAP!

Fair -- prices are competitive with the current market.

Articulate -- pieces can be written from any point of view for any level of reader.

Prompt -- work is always submitted on time, if not early.